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  • Home Inspectors and Yarlow

    Want the inside scoop on the house? Yarlow Listing Reports have all the information about owner-performed maintenance, updates and remodels.

Modern Approach

Yarlow offers innovative technology for home inspectors to create an efficient and successful experience. With our suite of tools, you will be able to provide a customized home journey for all of your clients.

Tools Yarlow Offers To Inspectors

Yarlow Listing Report

~  Seller's maintenance history

~  Appliance warranties and service history

~  Picture evidence and receipts of services performed

Free App For Your Customers

  ~  Customers can add your receipt and keep your information

      easily available for when they purchase their next home

  ~  Give your customers a great user experience so they can easily

      refer you to others

  ~  Provide a tool that will help your customers

Give your clients the free Yarlow App as a gift for using your services

Track Maintenance

Give your customers a tool to keep your information readily available. Customers can see your receipt and keep track of other work being done on the house.

Track Appliances

Doing an appliance inventory will help customers easily manage devices. They can see when warranties expire and what existing warranties come with the house if the previous owner has provided that information.

Get Maintenance Alerts

Yarlow analyzes your home features pre-populated by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or by your customers and we provide detailed alerts about what needs to be done to maintain the home.

What's a Yarlow Home Report?

Homeowners can use the Yarlow app at no cost. They can keep track of their home information, remodels and maintenance. When you are inspecting the home, you can see a summary of this information in the Yarlow Home Report. Your clients are looking for inspectors who can provide as much information as possible. Give them the Yarlow Home Report as an add on to your services.

Why Now?

First-time home buyers are demanding more information today then ever before. Not only do buyers want to know what is going on with the house, but they also want to know how to take care of the house once you leave. Yarlow is the sidekick they need to keep their investment valuable.

By sharing the Yarlow app with your clients, homeowners can keep track of their house data and get maintenance alerts. With a great customer experience, your clients will be sharing their experience and winning you more referrals.

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