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Make Networking As Simple As Taking A Pic

Don't waste time with an electronic business card, you will get lost in a person's endless contacts list. Paper business cards get misplaced and lost. Use the Yarlow App to keep top of mind for all of your clients and expand to new prospects.

How Does It Work?

When you create a realtor account with Yarlow, you have access to a unique QR Code that will allow anyone to scan it (works on Android and iOS). If your prospect does not have the Yarlow App, scanning the code launches the App/Play Store to download the app. Once the app is downloaded and your prospect creates an account, your branding will be launched and you will stay top of mind for that person. When they get automated push notifications about home maintenance, your branding is right in front of them!

Your Branding

Your Profile

Your picture and contact image are present in the menu and call/texts buttons make it easy to contact you.

Push Notifications

Your picture and name display on all push notification maintenance alerts keeps you top of mind.

Contact Info

Your contact information displays throughout the app, allowing for your clients to easily contact you.

How to Create Your Yarlow Realtor Profile

You can create and manage your Yarlow Realtor account on any web browser by going to https://realtor.yarlow.com/signin. Similarly, we have added the ability to create and manage your Yarlow Realtor account in the app.

Use the instructions below to access your Yarlow Realtor account via the app.

1.) Select Contact My Realtor

In the Yarlow App, choose the 3-line menu icon in the upper-left corner and select Contact My Realtor

2.) Select If You Are A Licensed Realtor, Click Here

The app will open your web browser and take you to https://realtor.yarlow.com/signin

3.) Select Get Started

The website displays a login screen. Scroll down until you have the option to Get Started.

4.) Fill out your Yarlow Realtor profile

Create a unique code that you will give to prospects and clients. Fill in the other fields, select your background and text colors and don't forget to upload your photo. You will be prompted to sign in with your Yarlow account and password.

5.) Subscribe To A Plan

You can create and use Yarlow for Free! If you want to have your branding available to your prospects and clients, then subscribe for $25/month.

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